How it all started…

How it all started…

It all started several years ago when I decided to start preparing food for my dogs on my own, using the same high-quality ingredients I included in my diet. I had already read a lot about raw feeding and I was gradually introduced to the B.A.R.F. (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) diet. My first recipes were prepared in my home kitchen with simple, fresh raw materials and real ingredients such as meats, fruits and vegetables.

Much to my delight and that of my friends, the positive effects on my dogs’ health were immediate and obvious. Occasionally, my dogs used to suffer from constipation and itching with no apparent cause. Gradually, however, their stools became firmer with fewer odours. The itching disappeared and their coat became shiny. My dogs, while on that diet, looked better than ever. They were healthy, active and happy.

My friends started asking me to prepare the same food for their dogs. The recipes were simple with no complex mixes and preservatives, just like the raw food that dogs consumed before they were domesticated. After a short while it became obvious that those meals were something entirely different from other dog food that was available in the market. And that is how I came up with the idea of creating Real Nature’s Food. The aim was to establish a state-of-the-art production unit of high-quality natural nutrition products for our pets.

Since then much has changed but our love and care for animals have remained the same. In 2015 we created a small production unit of raw meals for dogs. Soon, Nature’s Food gained loyal friends and supporters. At present, our company is perhaps the biggest Greek manufacturer of pet food based on B.A.R.F. diet.

At first we marketed four complete meals for dogs and gradually added more meals. At present, we are the only company in Greece to offer a series of eighteen complete and balanced meals for dogs in four different types of packaging for easy handling and portion control. Our products have received awards in Greece for their innovative packaging and their nutritional value.